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How Do You Connect To Your Oracle Cloud ERP/HCM Database?

If you are using the standard mechanism to do this using Oracle and BI tools - read on. We may be able to save 20% or more of your development and support time - by changing the way you do Adhoc Query against Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud database.

SQLConnect helps you connect to your Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle PPM cloud database via standard Oracle API from your desktop. We are Oracle developers at heart. When we started developing with and supporting Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud users, we found various issues that other developers resonate with:

  • EBS developers, who are used to tools like Toad, SQL Developer, etc. lack the ability for rapid SQL queries and analysis with Oracle Cloud.
  • Tools provided within the Oracle BI toolkit are not efficient and user-friendly.
  • It is also time-consuming as you need to go through multiple hoops before able to execute a query.
  • Results are restricted by OTBI limitations.
  • Oracle does not have any immediate plans to enhance/release new tools to support developers.
  • For SQL-savvy super users or end-users, there is no easy way to query information for analysis except building OTBI analyses or build BIP reports.

SQLConnect – Running a SQL Query
Against Oracle Fusion Cloud Database


  • Rapid access to the database from your desktop – both Mac and Windows.
  • Multiple connections, Query execution and saving just like Toad and SQL Developer.
  • Webservice driven – which means you are always getting the real-time data from the cloud using the latest version of web API.
  • Ability to save, search, find-replace, and manage multiple queries/files.
  • Secured by Oracle Cloud Role access.
  • Export to CSV & MS Excel


  • Efficient: Faster development
  • Easy: User-friendly; Users don’t need to login to Oracle Cloud to run a query

Create multiple connections and use the same tool to connect to DEV, TEST, PROD and various pods – effortlessly!

SQL Connect:

Seamlessly create multiple pod connections with Oracle Cloud.


Don’t remember Cloud tables or column names? Don’t worry. SQLConnect does. With Intellisense enabled, SQLConnect will prompt Tables and Column names. It also provides you running search so you can jump to the column that you are looking for.

Plan Features


  • Initial one time setup for one pod – included
  • Administrator and User Guides
  • Training videos
  • Product support: Includes new releases, bug fixes, production issues support
  • 5 users minimum


  • Initial one time setup for one pod – included
  • Administrator and User Guides
  • Training videos
  • Product support : Includes new releases
  • No minimum commitment
  • 1 User Minimum

SQL Connect Demo

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