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Sign-up for SQLConnect

1. Download and install!

You can download latest version of SQLConnect for your Windows or Mac computer from following link.


2. Signup for account

Once you open the application, you can click Sign-up button for logging in.

System will send you an automated email with your credentials
(please check your junk folder as well).
If you do not receive an email, then please contact [email protected]

Enter your details.

Sample email below

Dear John
Welcome to OracleCloudTools family.
Your credentials for SQL Connect are below. Your trial account is active till Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Username : john.doe
Password : KTeetd5t

(Please note your password is case sensitive)
You can download the latest software at https://oraclecloudtools.com/Downloads. User guide is available at https://oraclecloudtools.com/sqlconnect-user-guide.
Please contact us for any feedback, new feature requests and issues at [email protected]

Oracle Cloud Support Team

3. Forgot Password

When you are at the login screen, you will see the following screen.
Click on Forgot Password. System will send you a different password via email.

Once you click “Forgot Password”, provide your username and email and
the application will send you the password to your email within 2-3 hours.

Please check your junk folder in case you do not receive password in this timeframe.

4. Already logged in

If you are already logged in, please log out from menu above.
Account => Logout.

Once you logout, system will take you to the home screen where you can click on Forgot Password.

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