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Database Access In Fusion Cloud Applications

By August 2, 2019April 29th, 2021No Comments

When is comes to accessing Fusion ERP/HCM Data, there any many ways to do it. Ofcourse if you ask us, we will tell you the best way to do it is using SQLConnect application.

But for those who do not like efficiency, here we are listing a few traditional ways. (My personal suggestion, don’t waste time in reading this – Just buy SQLConnect and gain 20% or more productivity developing with ERP and HCM Cloud)….but if you are still interested, here we go!

You already know that Oracle doesn’t allows you to have direct SQL Access to Oracle cloud applications (ERP/HCM/SCM SAAS). However, you can access most of the data through published APIs and other supported features.

  • Web Services
  • BI Subject Areas
  • BI Publisher
  • File Based Loader Export
  • Product-specific Options
  • ADFDi and Export-to-Excel
  • Oracle BI Applications Configurations Manager
  • and yes, SQLConnect!

Web Services are the recommended method. They allows you not only to get, but also create, update and delete volumes of records. There are RESTful and SOAP services documented in Oracle API Catalog.

Here is a summary of API Support across Oracle SAAS Products.

BI Publisher is another preferred tool to get data out of Oracle cloud applications.