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SQL Connect for Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud: Streamlined Querying and Data Extraction

SplashBI's SQL Connect provides seamless connectivity to multiple Oracle ERP/SCM/HCM Pods, enabling users to execute ad-hoc queries and extract data to CSV or Excel. With Intellisense and a cloud database browser, SQL Connect enhances productivity for your Oracle Cloud development process.

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SQL Connect
Mac or Windows

Mac or Windows.
Works everywhere.

Secure Web Service

Secure. Web Service
Driven. Real time Data.

SQL Connect Designed 
for Efficiency.

SQL Connect Designed
for Efficiency.


SQL Formatting.

Rapid Access to
real-time data


Multiple Connections
like SQL Developer
and TOAD

Export to

Database Browser

Advanced Table
Level Security

Boost Efficiency and Save Thousands with SQL Connect

SQL Connect allows you to execute SQL queries within Oracle Cloud applications. Featuring an Oracle Cloud Explorer and database browser for Oracle Cloud HCM, SCM, PPM, and ERP, SQL Connect streamlines your team's workflow. Enhance your team's efficiency and save significantly by using SQL Connect for Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud.


Elevate Your Oracle Fusion Cloud Experience with SplashOC

Boost your Oracle Cloud and OTBI business users’ experience by utilizing our comprehensive solution for transactional reporting, cross-application data pipelines, and legacy integrations. SplashOC empowers users to make informed decisions using an all-inclusive, out-of-the-box solution.

SplashOC, our real-time reporting tool, bridges the gap between OTBI/BIP and OCA/FAW for transactional reporting. With the SplashOC data pipeline edition, customers can access their data across all Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and modules, enabling them to generate cross-module reports and dashboards seamlessly.

Transactional Reporting for Oracle Fusion Cloud

Enhancing the experience for Oracle Cloud and OTBI business users

We complement Oracle Fusion Cloud applications in transactional reporting, especially cross-application and legacy data pipeline solutions, and by bringing together everything required to start making critical decisions, all out of the box.

SplashOC, our real-time reporting solution, fills the transactional reporting gap between OTBI/BIP and OCA/FAW. The SplashOC data pipeline edition gives customers access to their data across all Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and modules, allowing them to run cross-module reports and dashboards.

Time Savings and ROI

Efficiently resolve production issues related to employee benefits, such as life event processing disruptions, to ensure seamless operations and improved employee experiences.


Choose Your Plan

SQL Connect Features

Most Popular


– Up to 2 Cloud ERP/HCM Connections
– SQL Formatting
– Export to CSV and Excel
– Limited Support and Updates *
– Email support *
– All core features included
– Local Sign-on only



Good Value


– Unlimited Cloud Connections
– Intellisense and SQL Formatting
– Export to CSV and Excel
– Database Browser
– Regular updates with Priority Beta Release
– 8×5 Email support Included
– All core features included
– Local Sign-on or SSO



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